About Us

At I Workaholics we have fine-tuned the science of viewing innovation through the lens of practicality to design unique solutions for end customers. Applied Innovation is the ability to infuse newer ideas and newer ways of doing things into all parts of the organization, and improve business outcomes, often without major disruptive change. It is a 360-degree business approach covering process, delivery, business and technology Innovations that help us to work collaboratively with clients for cost take-outs, speed to market and new business opportunities. This approach is backed by a 25-year heritage in providing domain-intensive technology solutions and a solid delivery backbone with industry leading credentials and certifications.

In the simplest terms, I Workaholics provides your business with the horsepower. The power to drive your IT machine faster and more efficiently to successful outcomes. Whether it’s short term or long term, mission critical or day-to-day objectives, we gives you the ability to acquire the knowledge, resources, skill sets and manpower to be nimble, efficient and strikingly effective in your mission.

Through our engagements with leading companies, I Workaholics has developed strong areas of expertise that have propelled our clients in a variety of industries to the leading edge of technology. In addition to deep understanding and experience of complex IT issues, we has expertise in virtually all technology disciplines

Our Goal

The goal of Iworkaholics is to work with companies as a strategic partner with the aim of providing contact centre to assist in differentiating the client in the marketplace. By establishing solutions which produce measurable growth, iworkaholics aims to become a long-term integral provider to our clients.

Our business philosophy is to provide best-of breed solutions at low establishment costs for our clients. Our vision is for Iworkaholics

“…to be the Number 1 service provider for companies seeking best of rear contact centre for corporate growth” Iworkaholics flexible approach creates solutions that recognize clients' existing technologies and corporate culture while merging them with our advanced technologies and outstanding customer support.

Iworkaholics mission is to capitalize on the market opportunity that exists due to increasing global pressure on companies to perform in an intensely competitive environment:

“Harnessing the power of customer contact and BPO solutions to accelerate the growth of our clients’ business”

We utilize best practice, experience and technology advancements to deliver operational efficiency. Your business objectives will be at the centre of the solution, and we will work together to transform your existing operation, adding real value along the way.

Business Technology

In the world of business technology, IT management focuses on business outcomes-enabling growth, lowering cost and mitigating risk. Our core offerings-Adaptive Infrastructure, business technology optimization and business information optimization-can help you succeed in the new world of business technology.

"We offer tremendous flexibility and a good culture fit to our organisation. Finally, in I Workaholics we see a strategic partner that is ready to go that extra mile.

From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, I Workaholics has the world-class experience and expertise that you need.

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